You’re probably thinking, “Hey, who do these guys think they are? The top ten countdown ended last week!”

Au contraire, mon amie! We may be finished with the top 10, but we still have a couple of honourable mentions to get to before we conclude our essential items list. Space was too slim to include these items in the top 10 — curse you, space restrictions! However, we decided they still deserved a shout out and this is the best way to accommodate them.

A brief digression for those of you who are out of the loop: BuzzBuzzHome has partnered up with the online home shopping club, HomeSav to bring you some sweet deals on must-have items for your home. We’ve been counting down the top 10 over the past four weeks. It’s been a huge success with many of the items selling out on HomeSav, but don’t let that discourage you. Check out the store ASAP to see what’s still available!

Now, without further ado, here are our honourable mentions in our list of top ten items required for any new home:

A chaise longue

What’s that? You don’t have a chaise longue? Then your living room isn’t equipped with the ultimate in relaxation. This particular piece, the Faustus Chaise by Archetype, has clean lines and a tufted back pillow for a luxe touch. All those psychiatrists were definitely onto something. Buy on Homesav

Serving board

Nothing spells sophistication quite like a wine and cheese party. But what were you going to serve the cheese on? Surely not a dinner plate or paper towel type of material. How gauche! You need an extra special serving board and we hear that this slate board is one of the best around. It’s 17″W by 14″L, so it can accommodate multiple cheese, from Brie to Camembert to Roquefort. Heck, you could serve a $3.99 brick of marble on this sleek cutting board and it would still look pretty swank. Buy on Homesav

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