This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for! This week we unveil the final two items on our list of essentials for new homeowners.

For those of you who are out of the loop, BuzzBuzzHome has partnered up with the online home shopping club, HomeSav to bring you some sweet deals on must-have items for your home.

Even though we’re wrapping up the countdown this week, check out the BuzzBuzzHome blog next week to see the list in its entirety and a couple honourable mentions that we wanted to include in the top 10 but just couldn’t accommodate.

And now on to the two final essential items for your brand new home:

2. Sweet coffee table books

Get that copy of Ulysses off your coffee table you pretentious jerk, you have company! Coffee table books are essential, but chronically under-appreciated. Keeping your date waiting in your living room? Trouble making conversation with your father in law? Want to seem well-read without actually doing that much reading? The coffee table book solves all of these problems and more… We also happen to have coffee table books on three of the most interesting subjects known to man: movies, guitars, and baseball. Buy on HomeSav

1. Top notch cutlery tray

How do you prove you’re a mature, thoughtful and organized homeowner? It’s not with fancy gadgets or high-priced furniture. It’s the subtle touches that really communicate to people that you’re taking homeownership super seriously. That means you can’t keep tossing your cutlery all willy nilly into a drawer. Cheap plastic cutlery trays won’t cut it either, you need something top notch and durable. That’s why we bring you this large, bamboo flatware tray. It’s got the space you need and the sophisticated look you’re after. Buy on HomeSav

Click here to check out the items from our first week, here to check out items from our second week and here for items from last week.

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