Two more weeks! Two more weeks! It doesn’t have quite the same significance as a “four more years!” chant, but the urgency still resonates. Right? Right!

For those of you who are out of the loop, BuzzBuzzHome has partnered up with the online home shopping club, HomeSav to bring you some sweet deals on must-have items for your home.

We’ll keep the countdown going every week until Christmas — that’s two more weeks y’all — so make sure you’re checking back on the regular. If any of these items end up tickling your fancy, simply click on one of the many HomeSav links, log in and get your deal on.

And now on to two more essential items for your brand new home:

4. Futuristic corkscrew

When you have company over the holidays, fumbling with a rickety old corkscrew is the last thing you want to do. The Magnum wine ratchet makes opening a bottle of wine as much fun as emptying it. It has an ergonomic design and interchangeable screw bits (what, what?!) depending on the type of cork you’re dealing with. Its ingenious design works like a ratchet wrench for effortless de-corking whether it’s the first bottle of the evening or the fourth. Buy on HomeSav

3. Fancy peppermill

If you’re planning on doing some serious dinner partying — and we really hope you are — you’ve got to throw down a seriously fancy pepper mill on that dining table. The generic ‘I bought this from Price Chopper’ pepper mill just doesn’t cut it anymore kids! The Mark McEwan 10″ pepper mill is basically the way to go if you really want to impress your guests. Maybe table salt is the more essential garnish, but nothing quite compares to that satisfying crunch that only a pepper mill can provide. We’ve also heard that the Mark McEwan model has the best crunch around. Buy on HomeSav

Check back next week when we’ll be counting down 2 and 1. It’s the final countdown (doodoo doo dooooo, doodoo dododoooo)! Click here to check out the items from our first week and here to check out items from last week.

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