Did you think we’d leave you hanging after such a successful first post? No way! We’re back again this week counting down the top 10 items essential for any new home.

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We’ll keep the countdown going every week until Christmas, so make sure you’re checking back on the regular. You don’t want to miss out on any sweet deals, do you? Didn’t think so. If any of these items have you drooling on your keyboard, simply click on one of the many HomeSav links, log in and get your deal on.

And now on to more essential items for your brand new home:

7. Panini Grill

Everyone knows sandwiches are delicious, but let’s face it, that turkey and swiss you’ve been eating for lunch every other day is dulling your taste buds. You need to spice up your sandwich, and no, we’re not talking about adding jalapenos. A panini grill makes you remember why sandwiches are the height of culinary perfection. The grill is easy to use and features a floating-hinge top plate that adjusts to accommodate both thick and thin sandwiches. Yum! Buy on HomeSav

6. Storage Canisters

If it’s time to upgrade from that bag of flour with a rubber band around it, these storage canisters are a great option. They look slick on the kitchen counter or stack neatly in the cupboard. The airtight silicone seal keeps food fresh and the transparent bases keep your pantry mystery-free. But these containers are more versatile than that. If you used them for cotton ball in the bathroom or nails in the garage, we wouldn’t judge. Buy on HomeSav

5. Popcorn Maker

While some might argue that a popcorn maker isn’t exactly essential, do hear us out. First of all, homemade popcorn is much healthier than the microwaved kind. It also allows you to experiment with different seasonings, turning a humble munchy into gourmet party food at a moment’s notice. Most importantly, popcorn is one of those rare foods that’s just as much fun to make as it is to eat. Happy popping! Buy on HomeSav

Check back next week when we’ll be counting down 4, 3 and 2. Keep checking back every week until Christmas for more great deals! And if you’re curious about last week’s essential items, have a look at them right HERE.

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