We’re loving these monthly video updates that the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver has been posting on their YouTube channel. They’ve got the right idea using video to convey their important info. Putting out a paper report, even a PDF is so 2011. Yea, we know it’s still 2011, that’s how forward thinking they are!

For you old fashioned folks who are suspicious of these crazy moving pictures flashing on your screen, here’s a few of the choice stats from the video:

– November home sales totaled 2,360 units in November 2011, that’s down 6 per cent from November 2010 but up almost 2 per cent from October 2011
– November activity bumped the sales-to-active listing ratio to 16 per cent, this means the Greater Vancouver Area remains on the lower end of a balanced market (in the 15 to 20 per cent range)
– Home prices are holding steady across the entire Greater Vancouver Area, benchmark prices are up 7 per cent over the last 12 months, but have edged down by 1.4 per cent since June

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