We don’t mean to put you on the spot here, but if we asked you to tell us what the phrase “warm modernism” meant to you, what would you say?

We know what we’d say, but maybe that’s just because we had a little help from Prishram Jain, the principal architect at TACT Architecture. TACT are the firm handling the design of Streetcar‘s and Dundee Realty‘s latest project, The Carlaw in Leslieville. Jain has described The Carlaw‘s look as “warm modernism.” It’s got an eye-catching exterior, but remains friendly and easy on the eyes.

“These are spaces designed to invite people in,” he says.

You could even say it’s innovative without risking alienating anyone.

One element that’s being singled out as particularly inventive is The Carlaw‘s curtain wall glass, a material most commonly used in higher end luxury buildings. “Curtain wall glass represents a forward-looking aspect of the building,” explains Mr. Jain, “simply because it allows for a clean modern-looking expression.”

We just love hearing architects talk about their work. It’s always compelling because you can tell they’re so passionate about it.

It sounds like this 12 storey development will fit right into Leslieville, one of Toronto’s classic neighbourhoods that, like a fine wine, only gets better with age. Speaking of the finer things in life, the Leslieville neighbourhood really is full of them. Whether you’re a sucker for freshly baked bread (check out Brick Street Bakery) or regularly craving smoky sausages (swing by Sausage Partners), Leslieville has something for the foodie in us all and they’re all only steps away from The Carlaw.

It’s a ‘hood that’s definitely worth exploring and enjoying, but you’ll be wanting to spend an equal amount of time taking advantage of all the amenities that The Carlaw has to offer. Try lounging around on the 11th floor on the rooftop patio with cabana-inspired design and big screen TVs. Barbecues and dining tables allow residents to host parties for the fam jam and good friends alike. After the carousing, guests are even free to stay in one of the guest suites!

Awesome architecture, classic neighbourhood, and amazing amenities… Sounds like the winning formula to us! Hit up The Carlaw today, here’s how…

Call 416 690 8588 or email info@thecarlaw.ca for more information. Visit the site by clicking here.

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