We’re not in the business of making valets quake in their boots, but when it comes to parking at new condos, the trend as of late  seems to be eliminating the middle man and letting machines do all the work for you, and we never miss a beat when it comes to new trends.

So sorry valets, but after posting about that South Florida condo that would automatically carry cars and their drivers up to their suites, we just had to publish a story on this BC development that’s offering the first fully mechanized underground parkade.

The Jameson House sits at 838 West Hastings in Vancouver and is a project by Bosa Properties. The video tells you pretty much all you need to know about this impressive tech feat but here’s a few facts we pulled from it:

  • there are 239 vehicle spaces available
  • all vehicles are electronically measured and sorted based on size
  • 3 computer controllers constantly monitor all vehicle movements and positions
  • it’s the second largest system in North America

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