No, your eyes aren’t playing a trick on you. South Florida will soon be home to an apartment tower with glass elevators that can carry drivers and their cars straight up to the front of their units.

The height of luxury, ain’t it?

Luxury condo towers are ubiquitous in some areas of South Florida and that has seemingly spawned a race to the peak of luxury. The Porsche Design Group is probably winning that race at the moment with this $560 million, 57 storey tower.

Seems like drivers will have it really easy. You pull into the elevator, turn off your car, and then a robotic arm will life your car and put it on an elevator that will whisk you up to the front door of your unit. Yes, a robotic arm will lift your car up with you in it. That’s a thing that exists now!

The condos are expected to range in size from 3,800 to 9,500 square feet while prices will top off at $9 million. Condos will also feature large windows in the living room so car junkie residents can gaze at their babies from the comfort of their own homes.

While there are plans to build similar condos around the world, there’s only one planned for Miami at the moment. Looks like the valet business won’t be in decline after all.

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