Urbanization and to some extent, suburbanization, can happen one of two ways: the right way and the wrong way.

Back in the day it was really hard to tell the right way from the wrong way, but decades of experience have taught us that building up a city can go awry when sustainability isn’t considered and sprawl is left unchecked.

The best way to move forward is to have a clear plan for residential growth and that’s just what the City of Calgary is creating — a system to weigh nine growth criteria that the city council can use as a guide when it makes planning choices.

The rules will guide the council in determining where condos will soar into the sky and which fields will be marked for suburban housing developments.

“It’s a much more transparent way of making decisions on where we grow and in what sequence we grow,” said David Watson, the general manager of planning development and assessment, quoted in a Calgary Herald article.

The good ol’ Calgary Herald also provided a list of the criteria which we shall faithfully reprint right here:

  • capacity of existing infrastructure
  • land supply
  • readiness to proceed
  • contiguous growth
  • innovations in design
  • access to employment centres

Calgarians will have to wait three years before they begin to see the impact of these new criteria. We’re sure that time will just fly by!

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