Do you know how to tell when a city is on the rise?

Well, there’s a few different ways, but one surefire way of knowing that a city has a bright future is watching its skyline shift from a few modestly-sized high rises to a large number of increasingly taller and more elaborate skyscrapers.

Considering this criteria, it’s pretty obvious that Calgary is on its way up. The news that The Guardian, the new condo and townhouse project by Hon Towers, will boast the tallest residential tower in the city only serves to solidify Calgary’s reputation.

Once it’s complete, The Guardian will measure in at 42 storeys, rising above Calgary’s Victoria Park neighbourhood. It’s one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city, so it makes sense that it’s significantly involved in heralding Calgary’s future.

The area is about as accommodating as they come in terms of urban conveniences and fun things to do. The Guardian is only minutes away from where The Bow and Elbow Rivers intersect — perfect for scenic strolls as well as a place where both novice and pro fishers go to drop a line. There’s also a primo network of pedestrian and bike paths running along the riverbanks for the fitness buffs and casual exercisers alike.

The Sunterra Market is also only moments away and is bigger and better than your average grocery store. It features a restaurant, cooking school, gelato bar, antipasto bar, bakery and florist. In other words, pretty much everything you need.

We’ll definitely be getting our buzz on again soon about The Guardian. It really promises to usher in a new era for residential development in central Calgary.

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