Unless you’ve been holing up in your parents’ spare bedroom since you graduated from college, odds are pretty good that you’ve moved around more than once — hopping from rental to rental and roommate to roommate, waiting to find that perfect place and/or person.

Sometimes you just know that you won’t be living in a rental for very long and whether you’re doing an internship in a new city or are simply trying out a new neighbourhood, all that moving is a big hassle, especially if you’re hauling a plethora of IKEA and Homesense furniture around with you.

This is the idea behind Our Paper Life, an intriguing new furniture company that offers recyclable furnishings that are light, super easy to assemble and can be delivered to your doorstep.

The company offers a desk and book shelf that weigh less than 9 pounds but can support 65 pounds. They’re sturdy and cost less than $20 (or $40 for the combo). Not bad. Not bad at all!

When you’re all set to move on to a bigger and better place and finally commit to some furniture, you only need to fold up the desk and shelf and pitch them into the recycling bin. You can also disassemble the furniture and re-use it if you’re still moving from temp place to temp place.

The Our Paper Life concept was developed by Geoff Christou and Chris Porteous, two graduates from Waterloo and Laurier, respectively. Aside from being convenient and easy to use, the furniture has serious green credentials. The furniture generates no waste during the manufacturing, delivery or assembly process and is composed of 95 per cent post-consumer recycled content. Furthermore, it contains nothing nasty like VOC and formaldehyde. Ahhhhmazing!

Our Paper Life furniture has been used in conferences, child and daycare spaces, student housing, marketing campaigns and as an alternative to carcinogenic fibreboard furniture in homes all over Canada, the U.S. and Central America.

We love to write about cool new tech, but it mostly involves some sort of fancy electronic gadget. This is a great example of how innovation can still occur in everyday items that are by no means on the cutting edge. Kudos to you Our Paper Life!

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