Today, in our Five Questions series, we are buzz’ing with Arlin Markowitz of Cushman & Wakefield about commercial and retail real-estate in Toronto. Arlin specializes in urban retail leasing and investment sales.

At times Arlin is referred to as the King of Queen for his active dealings along Queen Street, although in other circles he is known as the Prince of Yorkville, where in 2008 he orchestrated the sale of 110 Bloor Street West for $79 million dollars.

We ask Arlin the following 5 questions:
1. Who are the coolest new retailers coming into Toronto?
2. What are the hottest properties to purchase for the casual commercial investor?
3. What is “Streetfront Real-Estate”?
4. Why is Street Front Real-estate such a hot asset class?
5. Is the Internet eroding streetfront retail?

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