A supertall skyscraper. That sounds pretty darn tall, right?

Well, that’s about to sound a lot less impressive by 2020 according to info compiled by the Chicago-based Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

Supertall is defined as any building over 300 metres. There are already plenty of supertall skyscrapers around the world and many more will be completed by 2020. What the report notes is the growing number of “megatall” skyscrapers that will be populating skylines around the world over the next 8 years.

To snag a megatall title, a building must be over 600 metres. By 2020, there will be nine skyscrapers that qualify as megatall, some just hitting the mark with a carefully calculated spire and some blowing past the 600 metre mark and soaring to ridiculous heights (we’re looking at you, Kingdom Tower).

If you’re thinking of roadtripping out to see these architectural marvels, you better be ready for a long car ride — unless, of course, you live in China, Indonesia, South Korea or Saudi Arabia, then you’ll probably be able to see one of these skyscrapers from your backyard.

Here’s a quick rundown of the top 5 tallest buildings in the world in 2020:

Seoul Light DMC Tower

1) Kingdom Tower, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 1,000+metres/3,280+ feet
2) Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 828 metres/2,717 feet
3) Ping An Finance Center, Shenzhen, China, 660 metres/2,165 feet
4) Seoul Light DMC Tower, Seoul, South Korea, 640 metres/2,101 feet
5) Signature Tower, Jakarta, Indonesia, 638 metres/2,093 feet (check it out, above left!)

By 2020, the tallest building in North America (excluding the CN Tower) will be One World Trade Center in New York City. The 1,776 foot (541 metre) office tower has a completion date set for December 2012.

One especially interesting fact that “Tallest 20 in 2020” report notes is that at the beginning of the 20th century, the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur held the title of world’s tallest tower (1,483 feet). Taipei 101 bumped the Petronas Towers down to number 2 in 2004 and then the Burj Khalifa cleared the field pretty convincingly by soaring 2,717 feet into the sky.

In 2020 the Burj will be bumped to number 2 by the Kingdom Tower, but what’s really crazy is in only 20 years, the Petronas will have gone from number 1 to number 27 and Taipei 101 barely makes it into the top 20, claiming a place at number 18.

Another very interesting tidbit is that between 1930 and 1995, only 15 “supertall” skyscrapers were built, but now, at the end of 2011, there are 61 currently poking through the clouds in major cities across the globe.

So when will Canada get to build its first megatall skyscraper? Well, we don’t really have the population to justify such a thing, looks like we’ll be sticking to boring ol’ supertalls for now! The Kingdom Tower looks pretty epic though, roadtrip?

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