The loop is a tough thing to get into by yourself. The real estate loop is particularly notorious for being a difficult loop to get in and stay in. That’s what we’re here for though!

After all, how else would you find out that the Deerhurst Golf Cottage Lots will be going on sale soon? Skyline‘s latest release of fully detached Deerhurst Golf Cottages at Deerhurst Resort in Muskoka was a big ol’ success and it’s pretty clear that people are waiting with bated breath for a chance to purchase there.

That’s why Skyline will be offering a special release of 15 of their best Golf Cottages lots starting at $179,900. The lots will be on sale soon. Hopeful cottage owners can purchase a lot once they’re on sale and will know their property will be secure until they’re ready to build their amazing dream cottage.

What would you put in your dream cottage? A strobe light and fog machine? A walk in humidor? A 100” plasma TV?

The naysayers might tell you that cottages are a place where you’re meant to spend time in the great outdoors, but don’t let them tell you how to build your dream cottage!

Lots range from one-third of an acre to almost one full acre. They’re perfect for privacy and besides, who doesn’t like being surrounded by a gorgeous golf course? Owners will also have a direct connection to the 52 different amenities and activities at the Deerhurst Resort including shuttle bus service and resort discounts.

You want to know more? Okay, try this on for size… Owners receive an anytime access pass to the two kilometres of resort waterfront and use of boats, water skis, tubes and canoes. The best thing is you don’t even have to worry about storing equipment or buying new canoe paddles because you can’t find the darn things in your garage.

Deerhurst also boasts (and boasts is definitely the appropriate verb) four outdoor pools, an indoor pool, hiking, skating, cross-country ski trails, tennis courts and a luxurious Shizen Spa. There’s even an airstrip for those who want to fly directly to the resort (swanky!).

Oh Deerhurst, how could you make cottage life in Muskoka any better? You can thank us for keeping you in the loop by inviting us up for a cottage weekend sometime…

Register now for the Deerhurst Golf Cottages properties starting from $179,900 at

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