Aside from providing a place for people to live and — if the architecture is looking good — giving locals and visitors something nice to look at, what do developers really do for the communities they’re building in?

Some might say that building an aesthetically pleasing development that is providing folks with sweet pads is enough, but BC-based Bosa Properties wants to do more. Bosa will be donating $1,000 to charity for every home at their Victoria project, Promontory at Bayview Place, through their Bosa Properties Foundation. That’s a total of $177,000! And it’s not just any charity they’re donating to. Bosa will be giving the money to charities within Victoria that have a positive effect on the community.

This isn’t the first time they’ve undertaken such a generous charity drive. Bosa’s sister company, Bluesky Properties, was the originator of the community charity idea. The BlueSky Foundation launched first and is committed to gifting $188,000 from the profits of their Viceroy project to local New Westminster charities.

We caught up with Daryl Simpson, the Senior VP at Bosa Properties, to get the full scoop on this amazing story.

BuzzBuzzHome: Tell us about how the ideas for both foundations came to fruition.

Daryl Simpson: Both foundations were born out of an idea that Dale Bosa had. We in the development community, our company and others, don’t do enough to give back to the communities in which we’re building. He wanted to make a personal impact in the communities.

The original idea came from Dale Bosa and Bluesky Properties, where the first charity foundation was launched. The idea was that we’d provide one thousand dollar for every home we build in the communities in which we build it and we’d direct it toward charities that provide assistance in the areas of housing, support, and child health and wellness.

When we broke ground on our Viceroy project in New Westminster we launched our Bluesky Foundation. That was in late October. We made our first charity donation to a group called Fraser Side Community Organization. They provide grassroots, on-the-ground support in the areas that the foundation helps to support.

We subsequently launched the sister foundation — Bosa Properties Foundation — at our Promontory project. We’re doing the same thing there. For every home we build, we’ll donate one thousand dollars to the local community.

BBH: There are three different Victoria-based charities that you’ll be donating $60,000 to initially. Can you tell us more about these charities?

DS: One of them is called the Cool Aid Society and that’s specifically for a program called “Every Step Counts.” It provides help for the integration of people with various challenges in life — addiction problems, depression issues. It allows them to socialize with other members of their community, exercise and it teaches them the benefits of eating properly on a strict budget.

The next is an organization called Community Micro Lending. We’ve provided a $20,000 donation to them to use as a revolving source of funds. We’re hoping it will fund four micro loans of $5000 and they can turn that money over every five years. The third organization is called the Burnside Gorge Community Association. They’re area of expertise is in housing support. They provide emergency funding and rent support to low income families.

BBH: We hear that the remaining $107,000 will be donated to organizations as directed by homeowners at Promontory. What does this mean?

DS: It was through the Bluesky Foundation and the Viceroy project that we launched that idea. We said “we’re going to give our homeowners at Viceroy an opportunity to have a say where the money goes.” Whatever money we have not yet funded at the completion of the project, and at this point it’s about $150,000 for Viceroy, at the first AGM of that building we’ll be providing the owners with a shortlist of the charities that have self-identified to us that they make a difference in the New Westminster. We’ll be asking them to prioritize them and vote on them. The idea is the wishes and desires of the homeowners are reflected in the way the donations are made.

BBH: Do you plan on continuing this initiative with future projects?

DS: That’s the intention. Bluesky and Bosa Properties have projects that are coming next year that will direct profits to their respective foundations.

Thanks to Daryl for taking some time to explain how the charity will work and what charities will benefit from the donations! It would be great to see more initiatives like this, but for now we’re happy to see that Bosa is intent on making a difference in the communities that they’re building in.

And if you’re interested in reading more about Promontory at Bayview Place, check out our blog stories about this great Victoria development here and here.

For more info visit the development’s website or call 250 382 2672. For email inquiries write

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