Scissor suites. We’re always suckers for a good alliteration and that just has a great ring to it.

Collection 45, the new Vancouver development by MYIE Homes, is betting that this innovative suite design will catch on with prospective buyers and it seems like they’ve been right so far.

Spanning the length of the building on the east side from north to south, the scissor suites are two floor homes that offer amazing views of both the city and the mountains, extended daylight exposure, enhanced cross-ventilation and a natural division between public and private space.

Plus you can tell your friends and family that you live in a scissor suite and that just sounds so cool. We’re really glad Collection 45 decided to run with this scissor suites idea. Yea… that was a great joke, right?

GBL Architects is handling the design for this 6 storey development while Scott Trepp is handling the interiors.

A look inside the highly sought after scissor suites at Collection 45.

Meanwhile the neighbourhood surrounding Collection 45 is pretty stellar and deserves some attention too. Situated in the up and coming Mount Pleasant ‘hood, this historic yet modern area is a hit with young professionals and first time buyer AND growing families.

Sounds like this area is already alive and kickin’ and Collection 45 will be a welcome addition, fitting in seamlessly with the neighbourhood’s great vibe. We’ll be buzzing on this project in the weeks to come, so check back soon so we can load you up with all the essential info!

Suites start at $309,900. For more info email or call 604 569 1555. Visit the project’s website by clicking here!

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