We’re loving this ongoing “Suite of the Week” campaign by Cinema Tower. It’s brilliant because it showcases awesome suites that take their names from acclaimed directors thus allowing us to nerd out on great film.

A few weeks back we checked out the Spielberg, named of course for the immortal Steven Spielberg of E.T., Jaws, and Saving Private Ryan-fame. This week Cinema Tower has directed our sight to “The Nolan”, named for the British-American director, Christopher Nolan.

This is a bold choice because although Nolan’s films have commanded the top spot on the box office more than once (see: Inception, The Dark Knight, Batman Begins) and are often met with critical acclaim (see: Momento, The Prestige), he has yet to be welcomed into the canon of great Hollywood directors. This is mainly because his first feature flick was only released in 2000. That’s just not enough time!

He’s definitely deserving of a spot in Cinema Tower‘s suite collection and the Daniels Corporation has ensured that The Nolan is truly a sweet suite.

Residents of Cinema Tower will also be able to take advantage of the development’s exclusive partnership with TIFF Bell Lightbox, the five screen cinema that is the official home of the Toronto International Film Festival.

The partnership gives residents a three year membership to TIFF Bell Lightbox with exclusive privileges like invites to events held in Cinema Tower‘s state-of-the-art screening room and pre-sale tickets to film festival screenings at the Bell Lightbox theatres.

Now let’s have a look at The Nolan!

The two bedroom suite is 985 square feet with the actual suite encompassing 858 of those feet and 127 feet being outdoor space. The prices start from $599,900. The suite features an open concept living and dining room, a second bedroom that overlooks the balcony, a gourmet kitchen with Miele appliances and a master bedroom with ensuite and private balcony.

The Nolan is looking pretty stellar to us. We haven’t been this blown away since we first saw the new poster for The Dark Knight Rises.

For more information, register at the development website or call 416 203 2020. Email them at cinematowercondos@bakersales.info.

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