All MVRDV wanted to do was build a pair of high rise towers connected by a pixelated cloud structure in downtown Seoul. Sounds innocent enough, right? Isn’t that every little kid’s dream?

Well, all was going pretty well until the architect unveiled the renderings for the Yongsan Dream Hub twin towers. The Internet (and old person media) came down pretty hard on the Rotterdam-based architect, as a ton of folks pointed out that the towers’ unique pixelated cloud kinda resembles one of the most jarring images of 9/11.

The architects say they didn’t notice the resemblance to the World Trade Centre explosion during the design process and apologized to anyone whose feelings they hurt. According to reports, the South Korean media did not notice or mention the 9/11 resemblance and hailed the project as a great innovation.

The luxury residential towers have been named “The Cloud.” One tower soars 54 floors into the sky while the other rises to 60 storeys above Seoul. Despite the 9/11 connotations, it is actually a neat design idea. The cloud in the middle is a 10 floor structure that features a fitness studio, pools, restaurants, cafes and a conference centre.

So is this bad taste? Did the firm realize the resemblance beforehand? Are people making a mountain out of a mole hill? You make the call!

Here’s another pic to help you decide:

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