Last week The Shores invited its buyers to partake in an evening of fine wine that included a wine cellar tutorial by Greg Zeismann of The Wine Establishment.

For those of you who are out of the wine loop, The Wine Establishment is a wine accessory and cellar purveyor in Toronto.

When it comes to fine wine, we all could probably use a little tutorial and these folks are certainly an authoritative source on all things wine. The evening was also a great opportunity for buyers at the Cityzen development in Oakville to scoop up wine lockers.

On top of the Wine Establishment tutorial, Tod Stewart of Tidings’ Magazine was there to introduce guests to a selection of fine wines. Nothing beats a good tasting and we’re willing to bet that these were some seriously excellent wines. Tidings is Canada’s only national food and wine publication so we imagine that they only come out for the finest.

We’ve got some photos of the event below for you to check out and maybe even live vicariously through, if you so choose… All photos are courtesy of Parmjit Parmar.

That looks like a good selection to us! We wonder what the potential is... And the complexity... Now we're just throwing out wine lingo to sound like we know what we're talking about. Tannins!

Greg from The Wine Establishment shares his body of knowledge.

A delicious selection of desserts to complement the wine.

Looks good, but it's time for a taste!

Next time there’s a fine wine tasting, we’ll be there with bells on!

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