It’s no secret that the BuzzBuzzHomies are honey lovers, so naturally we were excited by the prospect of turning our office into an urban bee colony.

Yes you read that right! The Urban Beehive was developed by the Dutch electronic company, Philips as part of their new Microbial Home project — a self-sufficient home concept that also boasts an array of other sustainable features.

The Urban Beehive won’t to be on the market for awhile as this is still just a design concept, but we must admit that we’re very impressed.

The Urban Beehive has two parts that attach to your window: A front piece with a flower pot and a small hole for bees to enter and an orange glass inverted teardrop mounted inside your house. The inverted teardrop contains honeycomb frames for bees to build their wax cells. Makes sense, as this is basically what is contained in your typical honeybee colony kits.

The bees can come and go and pollinate as they wish while you get the benefit of delicious and convenient honey. That’s a double win!

We know it’s a design concept at this point, but please Philips, put us on the list if you ever want to beta test a colony out in Canada.

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