When it comes to construction, the folks over at Menkes Developments don’t waste any time.

We posted photos of the Gibson Square construction site up in North York only two months ago, but because so much progress has been made since then, it seemed like more photos were in order! Last week we roadtripped up to the site on Yonge Street between Sheppard and Finch to get a full tour courtesy of the project manager, Guy Belanger.

It was a chilly December afternoon and the wind was pretty fierce, but the elements didn’t appear to have any effect on the pace of work at the site. Cranes were in full swing, trucks were mixing cement; it was truly an action packed day at the job site.

We’ll get down to business in a moment, but first let’s do a quick backgrounder on this project just so you have all the context you need.

The project is comprised of twin 42 storey towers and is situated right across the street from North York City Centre (TTC access, aww yeaa). Available suites start at $345,990 and range in size from 514 to 1288 square feet. But of course, you can read all this and more on our project page so let’s get on to the main event!

Looking down from about 60 feet into the construction site. We got a very cool view of all the action!

Jeez, how many cranes do you guys need? Three, we suppose.

This giant container of cement was destined for the pit. We thought we'd follow it on its journey down.

There it goes into the pit... Is pit the proper terminology? Darn, we should have asked when we were at the site!

Guy Belanger, the project manager for Gibson Square, was our tour guide for the afternoon. Thanks for making sure we didn't fall in!

No shortage of action on this huge site. This is looking toward Yonge Street where more construction has been completed.

Just to prove that we weren't at some other construction site...

For more info call 416 730 9722 or email info@menkes.com. Visit the project’s official site by clicking here.

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