We can’t help but think that this is one of the coolest photos we’ve ever posted to the blog. We only wish we’d taken it!

If that were the case, then we’d be the ones who had traveled to the tip top (the pinnacle, if you will) of 33 Bay at Pinnacle Centre, the new 51 storey project by Pinnacle International.

From this vantage point Lake Ontario looks truly spectacular and you can get a great sense of the amazing views that 33 Bay will offer residents who purchase a upper floor suite.

It also gives you a good look at the progress they’ve made on the construction side of things. It looks like the finishing touches are being attended to right now and it will be completed in no time.

Unfamiliar with this project? First off, what’s your excuse? Second, we forgive you — this time. We’ll just give you a little backgrounder to fill you in!

Suites range in size from 559 square feet to 1051 square feet with ceilings from 8′ to 9′. Page and Steele and IBI are handling the architecture while Tannerhill and Associates rock the interior design with grace.

Suites feature floor to ceiling windows, balconies and terraces (as per plan), granite or marble countertops in the kitchen and spa like bathrooms. Residents will have access to the 30,000 square foot Pinnacle Club that features a huge variety of exclusive amenities.

And did we mention the views? They’re spectacular!! If you happen to purchase a suite at 33 Bay, please take more photos like these and send them over. We just can’t get enough…

For more information call 416 925 3325 or email pinnaclecentre@bellnet.ca. Click here to visit the website! 

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