Attention new homeowners! Is your living room looking a little bare? Are your kitchen drawers empty, save for a couple plastic forks? Well you’ve come to the right place.

BuzzBuzzHome has partnered up with the online home shopping club, HomeSav to bring you some sweet deals on must-have items for your home. Whether you’re a new homeowner looking to furnish your freshly purchased abode or just someone looking to spice up your kitchen (or living room, or bathroom, as the case may be), this list is essential reading.

We’ll be counting down the top 10 items every week until Christmas, so check back sooner, rather than later to get in on the ground floor. If any of these items tickle your fancy, simply click one of the many HomeSav links, log in and get your deal on…

Here’s the first three essential items:

10. Leather Couch

Don’t bring that ratty old couch into your shiny new home! You’re not in college anymore and those beer stains are unbecoming. Besides there’s no better way to tie your living space together than a classy couch. This couch by California-based Archetype has clean lines and great texture. In brown top grain Italian leather, it has natural variations in tone giving it just the right amount of rusticity (that’s not a word, you say? It is now). Buy on HomeSav 

9. Professional Kitchen Knife

You don’t know how smooth food preparation can be until you’ve used a really, really great knife. This one from famed knife manufacturer WÜSTHOF is exclusively made in Solingen, Germany. They’ve been making some of the best knives in the world for almost two hundred years. The Grand Prix II short santuko features a granted edge to prevent sticking and the newest innovation in edge technology, making it 20% sharper for twice as long. Buy on HomeSav

8. Artwork

If you just moved in then odds are that you’re suffering from “bare-wall syndrome.” Heck, even some long-time homeowners suffer from this easy-to-cure affliction. But don’t let a bare-wall get you down — purchase some art, find a frame, hang it and let the admiring commence! This piece was originally created by Carlos Zamora. The print on canvas does not come with a frame, so buyers can do whatever they’d like with it. That’s your chance to be creative… Buy on HomeSav

Check back next week, where we’ll be counting down 7, 6 and 5. We’ll be doing this every week until Christmas so there are plenty more chances to save!

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