When you dub your development Picasso you know you’re going to have to live up to some pretty high artistic standards.

After all, the widely renowned Spanish artist produced over 50,000 works in his time and some of his paintings have sold for over $100 million. Those are big shoes to fill!

It was a bold move by Monarch and The Goldman Group to name their new development after the famous artist, but after seeing the exterior renderings and the new interior renderings, we must admit that it wears the name well.

“It’s such a hot area,” says Kelly Cray, of the interior design firm, UNION31. “We knew we had to show individuality, to live up to the high expectation of buyers in this area, and to facilitate the Picasso lifestyle.”

The interior design and the architecture (handled adeptly by Teeple Architects) intersect to create some marvelous flourishes that Picasso himself would be proud of, at least, if he were in the design and architecture business.

Try this one on for size: on the grand terrace that sits atop the 35 storey tower’s 10 storey base, oversized ottomans that resemble beds will provide space for lounging and custom cabanas in keeping with the architecture provide excellent gathering points.

The Lobby rendering. Suites at Picasso start from the mid $200,000s.

“Everyone wants to feel like they’re at a destination when they’re just hanging out in their building,” says Cray.

We totally agree! Sometimes you are too exhausted to go out on the town, but you feel guilty about wasting a good Friday night inside. These cabanas and the amenities featured on the grand terrace eliminate that problem completely.

The Party Room is one of many amenities featured at Picasso. Other amenities will include a yoga studio, media lounge, spa, billiards room, and workout facilities.

This is definitely one project we’ve been looking forward to hearing lots about and so far we haven’t been at all disappointed with the awesome renderings they’ve released. More please!

For more information visit the Monarch Group website or email tania@tradeuprealestate.com.

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