Must be the entire world falling in love with the new Drake album and Canada Goose coats…

For the second year in a row, Canada has been named the best country “brand” in the world by FutureBrand, an international business consulting group.

The FutureBrand country brand index is meant to gauge what people immediately think of when a country’s name is mentioned, they plan a trip there or when they see a photo of it. The index is based on interviews with travelers from across the globe.

Maxime Bernier, the federal minister of state for small business and tourism was totally stoked about Canada’s position at the top of Futurebrand’s index.

“Canada’s continued rating at the top of FutureBrand’s country brand index is a testament to our country’s global appeal,” he said in a state issued by the Canadian Tourism Commission.

“We have a wealth of compelling experiences for travelers, and our government is committed to sustaining this momentum by promoting Canada in innovative ways on the international stage,” he continued.

Okay, so Canada rocks. Was this really a big surprise to anyone?

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