While on the surface, the Ironstone Condominiums construction site may look like your standard construction fare, we assure you that this project is anything but ordinary.

To really understand what makes this Burlington project by Davies Smith Developments so unique, you need to look beneath the surface. In fact, you need to go underground. Ironstone will be one of the first buildings in Canada to be equipped with geothermal technology, allowing the condo to draw its energy from an underground source.

What is this underground source you speak of? Sounds like magic!

No, no, in fact it’s easy to understand and is one of the ultimate green features that we hope to see a lot of buildings incorporate into their designs soon. We’ll give you the full explanation below and even throw in some sweet construction action shots for your enjoyment.

While you enjoy the action shots, let’s take you through the ins and outs of geothermal heat and how Ironstone are incorporating it into this great project.
Geothermal energy is solar energy stored in the ground. It’s a renewable source that will heat or cool the building as needed through the use of fluid traveling in an underground network of pipes.
Geothermal energy is much more reliable than gas and electrical grids.
Ironstone residents will pay normal fees covering geothermal utility costs and ongoing maintenance of the system. But while gas and electricity costs fluctuate, this technology will keep residents’ monthly costs-of-living stable over a 20-30 year period.
Ironstone’s geothermal tech will be complemented by solar panels that will help provide electricity as well as green roof areas.
We’re pretty sure Ironstone will cause other developments to go green with envy. Then again, maybe going green is the best way to go anyway!

The presentation centre (and site) located at 1940 Ironstone Drive in Burlington is temporarily closed. For more information you can go to their website by clicking here, call 905 315 8100 or email info@ironstonecondominiums.com for further details.

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