You won’t need to wear one of these for your virtual tour.

It’s Monday afternoon and that can mean only one thing… It’s thought experiment time on the BuzzBuzzHome Blog.

Here’s a good one for you: You’re a prospective homebuyer and you’ve tracked down what could very well be your dream home. There’s a problem though. You want to go to the open house, but it’s a two hour drive away and the weather is bad. What are you going to do?

Okay, so maybe you don’t mind a good cruise so long as you have a good playlist going and you’re not afraid of a little rain. Fine! But what if your partner wants to come along too, but they’re out of town on the day of the open house?

Well, this is where the “virtual live open house” comes into the picture. We know that virtual tours have been an option for many properties for years now, but the live feature allows visitors to follow an actual agent walking through the property and to interact with them.

Westridge Living, a Vancouver company, recently claimed to be the first in Canada to sell homes by offering registered visitors the option to schedule live appointments for tours online. The future is now!

In an interview with Canadian Real Estate, Ryan Lalonde of Westridge Living said, “asking for input from family and friends is part of the process — especially for first-time homebuyers.”

“We understand that not everyone in a homebuyer’s inner circle can visit our presentation centre and display home. Many of our purchasers’ family and friends don’t live in the Lower Mainland, the province, or even the country,” Lalonde explained.

Brilliant! This is just another example of how technology is reshaping the way we buy homes.

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