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This week we buzz with Yan Wang, the president of Gemterra and his wife Yan Zhuang. Gemterra is the developer behind the exciting new project in Scarborough, LOVE CONDOS.  Known for its creative advertising campaign, LOVE has heads turning to Scarborough to see what all the fuss is about!

We buzz with the Yans about the unique development, the future of Gemterra and where to get the best Chinese food in Toronto.


BuzzBuzzHome: How did you get started in  the development industry?

Yan Wang: My parents were builders in China and they came here in 1999. They were looking to develop in Canada. Now, 12 years later, we’ve begun our first project [LOVE] in Canada.

I have a civil engineering bachelor’s degree and a real estate license, but I try to learn everything about the development sites. My parents already have strong experience in China so we’ve brought that over here.

BBH: Do you think you learned a lot from your parent’s experience in China?

YW: Yes, I learned a lot from them. We keep moving forward and combining the experience in China with new experiences here.

BBH: LOVE is an exciting project for the neighbourhood. What do you think makes it stand out?

Yan Zhuang: The price is very good. Compared to everywhere else right now, this is a great price. We also have a very large amenities space.

YW: The city traffic is not crowded but you’re still close to highways. You’re also close to the GO Train station and the new Sheppard Line expansion. In this small area we have Wal Mart, No Frills Shoppers Drug Mart, and the LCBO. It’s perfect for end users. There’s also the golf course. This neighbourhood also has the best Chinese food in Toronto! The food is excellent and the best out there.

BBH: One other really interesting aspect of the project is the advertising. How was the campaign created?

YW: We want people to love living here. That’s what we want people to think about when they come into the sales office. We want to use our hearts to build this project and make it the same as our strong family.

BBH: Do you think it’s been effective in making the project stand out? It’s quite unique.

YZ:Yes, it’s quite different from everybody else right now. This was our first time working with LA Ads on this. They’re so creative and we’d definitely work with them again. They did a great job with everything in the sales office too.

BBH: What do you see in the future for the company after this project?

YW: Gemterra is much like its name. Terra means the land and the gem is the crystal. When you open the gem you can discover a lot of the amazing things inside. That’s what we want to make. We want to make condos that are beautiful much like the crystal.

Thanks to Yan Wang and Yan Zhuang for buzzing with us! 

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