“It’s our responsibility as builders and home providers to think about all the details,” says Don Pugh, the VP at The Daniels Corporation, as he sits at a table in the sales office of The Burkebrook – Town Manors at Kilgour Estates.

“When we’re going through the design process and finishing selection process and then move onto building the homes, it’s very important to spend the time to think about all the details. We understand how the pocket doors work and how the staircases are going to be regal yet not impact the space too much. We’re picking the right contractors who are going to give us the end product we want,” he explains.

For Pugh and The Daniels Corporation, this attention to detail is what makes their projects so unique yet it’s always difficult to convey this to prospective buyers.

“Those are things we can’t talk about on the spec sheets. Those are the things we can’t relate while we’re saying ‘we have granite this and a hardwood that.’ It’s very hard to talk about that whole process, but those are the things that go into making a home feel luxurious and high quality,” he says.

The BuzzBuzzHomies got to experience this quality firsthand during our tour of the model homes. Earlier this week we traveled to the Bayview and Eglinton area to snap some photos and get the full scoop on this townhouse project. Check out our pics below!

At 2240 square feet, the “Davies” 2 bedroom townhome was fully furnished at looking amazing. The kitchen features granite countertops and an incredible amount of natural light.


The Daniels Decor Team adeptly handled the interior design.


Each townhome has a gas fireplace and a regal oak staircase that fits seamlessly in the home.


The word regal gets thrown around a lot these days, but when it comes to these oak staircases, we think it’s completely appropriate.


The master bedroom looked impeccable but the ensuite bathroom really caught our eye.


Holy smokes is there ever a lot of natural light in here! The stand alone bath tub is a very classy flourish if you ask us.


We moved on to the 1957 square foot “Montgomery” 2 bedroom townhome. It had a different layout but was looking just as good as the Davies. Which one will you prefer? It’s all a matter of layout preference really…


Another beautiful living space. Just think about lounging with a good book (or eReader) by the fire.


And finally an exterior shot. Even though it was a gray day, the amount of natural light that flooded into these townhomes was spectacular.


For more information on The Burkebrook – Town Manors at Kilgour Estate, visit the website or call 416 489 7333.

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