While we love photographing model suites, construction sites and scale models, the BuzzBuzzHomies will occasionally concede that we’re not the greatest photographers of all time.

We definitely know our way around a camera, but we just can’t compete with the pros. After all, there are some really talented artists out there who make shooting their day job.

That’s why we were thrilled to receive these high quality, uber-awesome pictures from Anderson Walk in North Vancouver taken by a truly talented photographer. Then again, when a development looks this good, you don’t need to be an amazing artiste to capture some stellar shots. Anderson Walk in North Vancouver, you are one purdy looking project…

Before we get to these photos, here’s a quick backgrounder on this new development by Polygon Realty.  This project is currently in its selling phase and the estimated time of completion is Fall or Winter 2012. Situated in North Vancouver’s Lonsdale neighbourhood, there will be beautiful mountain views serving as a backdrop and tree-lined boulevards up front. Sounds about right to us!

So without further ado, let’s have a look at some photos of Anderson Walk in North Vancouver. Enjoy!

Architect Ray Letkeman certainly did a splendid job, don't you think?

The lobby features shattered wood art installations by Brent Comber.

Suites feature smooth granite and marble countertops and rich rift-cut oak cabinetry.

Naturally, these suites come with stainless steel appliances. What were you expecting? Plastic! No way...

We wonder what's on the TV. Looks like something thrilling since the screen is just a blur. Our guess: Silver Streak

This scene looks positively serene. Typical Vancouver...

There’s more buzz to come on this exciting North Vancouver project. Check back soon or risk missing out!

For more info email andersonwalk@polyhomes.com or visit their website by clicking here.

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