Well, it’s actually only coming to a city near you if you happen to live near Milan, Italy, however, if it’s a success, who knows where else these vertical forests could sprout up?

The motivation behind the construction of the vertical forest in the fashion capital of the world is simple: green space is awesome, but surface area is hard to come by in a big city.

The “Bosco Verticale” will be the first of it’s kind. Doubling as an apartment tower and intensely green space, the building will accommodate approximately 10,000 square metres of woodland. Each apartment will have a balcony with its own mini-forest. The mini-forests will be able to respond to the city’s weather — providing shade in the summer while filtering pollution.

Come wintertime (which really isn’t all that bad in Milan), bare trees will allow sunlight to permeate through the spaces. But how will the trees survive? Through irrigation of course! Plant irrigation will be supported through the filtering and reuse of the greywater produced by the building.

We want one in Toronto!

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