We haven’t been this impressed with Microsoft since they unveiled Windows 95! Yea, it’s been awhile since we’ve been impressed with Microsoft…

This is a pretty stunning vision of the future, but considering some of us are walking around with powerful touchscreen computer-phone music playing video cameras in our pockets, this doesn’t seem all that outrageous.

Kurt DelBene, President of the Microsoft Office Division had this to say: “People often ask me what Microsoft’s view is on the future of productivity. I think one of the best ways to answer a question like that is to show our vision by sharing a new concept video.”

The video was created to “help tell the story we see unfolding in technology, and how it will impact our lives in the future. The video shows our vision for a future where technology extends and highlights our productive capabilities; it helps us manage our time better, focus our attention on the most important things, and foster meaningful connections with the people we care about.”

We’re especially intrigued by the last minute in which the father and daughter are hanging out in the digital kitchen of the future.

So what do you think? Technology overload or can’t wait for it to be real?


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