Not actually the bridge that was stolen, so don’t worry, as far
as we know this bridge is safe.

So much for crossing that bridge when you come to it.

Thieves in Pennsylvania have set a new standard when it comes to daring and difficult thefts by stealing a 50 foot bridge. We wonder what that 911 call sounded like…

Now this wasn’t exactly the Brooklyn Bridge, but the bridge in question was still quite long and about 20 feet wide so this was no small task. It was made of corrugated steel and valued at approximately $100,000.

Police say the thief, or group of thieves, used a cutting torch to dismantle the bridge and would likely sell it for scrap.

Pretty wild! This reminds us of a case reported a few months ago of a man allegedly stealing another man’s house in Western Ontario. We think still think that the house is infinitely more impressive, but this does point to a strange trend of thieves becoming more daring and it begs the question, “what’s next?”

Museums? Office buildings yanked from the ground and carried hundreds of miles away? Bowling alleys disassembled and trucked across the country? We’re chaining our office down as we write this…

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