Okay, maybe “earthscraper” doesn’t sound quite as majestic, but we’ve got to admit that this is a really cool idea.

BNKR Arquitectura, a Mexican architecture firm, have designed a 65 storey inverted skyscraper that will house a mini city underground. Aside from reminding us of the Matrix, we’re quite captivated by the innovation.

The earthscraper has been designed to sit in the centre of Mexico City, topping off 300 metres below the surface. It will feature a museum and cultural centre dedicated to the Aztecs on its top ten (bottom ten?) floors. Dang, when it comes to terminology this project has us all kinds of confused. We’re sure the building’s inhabitants will get used to it in no time though.

Below the museum and cultural centre there will be retail space, apartments and businesses. The best part, hands down, is hollow interior where there are bridges that extend out into the centre to allow you to look all the way down to the bottom. Epic!

Check out a few more pics below…

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