If you’re feeling a little lonely this Monday morning, just think, there’s more people on the planet today than ever before.

Okay, that’s true about every day, but today is a special landmark because it’s the day that the United Nations estimated the world’s population would reach 7 billion.

That’s a lot of people! Of course, there have already been a bunch of babies born today and it’s impossible to really know who the world’s 7 billionth human is, but the human rights group Plan International has bestowed the honour to a baby born in India’s Uttar Pradesh. Baby Nargis was born at 07:25 local time in a small government-run hospital in Mall village.

Amazing! To give you some insight into just how fast the world’s population is growing, we celebrated our last billion landmark in 1999, when the population reached 6 billion. With the world’s population growing by 200,000 people everyday, it doesn’t take long to pack on another billion. Experts predict that by the end of this century, the population could reach 10 billion.

Huge population growth means that new ways to accommodate large numbers of people living in urban areas must be devised. We already know that now more than half the world’s population lives in an urban area. However, it’s important to consider how cities should expand effectively and efficiently to make room for all these new folks.

Sustainability is the name of the game whether you’re looking at condo construction in Toronto or huge city expansions in China.

And what will these large, sustainable communities look like? Well last month we Buzz Talk’d with Richard Witt, co-founder of the award-winning architecture firm RAW, and he explained that the best way forward is dense cities with tall buildings and sustainable designs tailored to the city’s unique climate.

That sounds about right!

It’s certainly an exciting time we live in… all 7 billion of us.

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