We try to issue hot cake alerts for projects we know are going to sell quickly, but FirstHome Long Valley sold out so quickly that we didn’t even have time to prepare one.

The Daniels Corporation project aimed at first-time homebuyers was a resounding success, with the collection of 111 fully-built condominium suites and townhomes selling out in only a few hours.

We’re not too surprised by the success of the Erin Mills development. Daniels has been nailing it with FirstHome projects and Long Valley is the tenth in a long line of uber-awesome communities.

Long Valley purchasers were able to take advantage of DanielsLive Free program, in which the interim occupancy fee is waived until the condo registers. They also had the option of using a unique “Gradual Deposit Payment Plan” which requires buyers to pay $2,500 with the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, then another $2,500 within 10 days of the purchase and finally $1,000 every month until they reach 5 per cent of the purchase price or until final closing.

Congrats to Daniels for another successful project and to all the new happy homeowners who will be moving into their excellent new digs soon!

Check out a few of the happy homeowners below:

A happy family is all set to move in!
Andrea Hardwick looks like she’s excited about moving into her FirstHome.

The newly minted homeowners celebrate after signing their purchase agreements.

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