Oh BC, your housing market never ceases to amaze us.

During our frequent perusals of Vancouver real estate news sites and market reports, we’ve started keeping pillows near our computers just to cushion the fall when our jaws inevitably drop upon looking at the latest figures.

We suggest you do the same, especially since the news we’re about to drop is pretty incredible.

BC home sales climbed nearly 9 per cent in September year-over-year and the average price rose 6 per cent to $524,000.

The BC Real Estate Association reports that multiple listing service sales in the province jumped by 8.8 per cent to 5,995 units and that sales increased by three per cent in September when compared to August on a seasonally adjusted basis.

Want to get down to the nitty gritty? Alright, here we go. The Metro Vancouver area saw an average price increase of 10.5 per cent to $751,000 in September compared to September 2010. Wow, our minds are blown!

We thought we’d be accustomed to this by now, but now we’re not sure if we’ll ever get used to hearing news like this, though we’re still excited to see what’s next for our friends on the best coast.

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