We’re feeling a little green this weekend. Not because of those oysters we ate last night or because we’re jealous. We’re green with environmental consciousness!

Today we’re taking a look at some awesome eco-buildings from around the world that are sporting some seriously sustainable technology.

You might have noticed the cactus-esque building pictured above. That’s the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture in Doha, Qatar and it just so happens that it’s super energy efficient (kinda like a cactus, right?).

The building was designed by Bangkok based architects Go Group, widely known for their sweet designs.

Next up is the world’s largest solar-powered office building. Situated in Dezhou, China the building is completely surrounded by solar cells that continuously generate energy. It measures in at 75,000 metres squared.

This building will house the City of Hamburg’s tourism office once it’s completed in 2013. Loving the colour and the fact that it will use solar power and geothermal heat!

This office building in Italy just took it to the next level. That’s basically the greenest looking building we’ve ever seen. No CO2 will be emitted from this awesome creation, it also features waste water collection, a geothermal plant, and ventilated walls.

So are you feeling green yet?

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