The votes are in! Metro Vancouver mayors have voted in favour of a transit plan that allows the Evergreen Line to proceed.

Unfamiliar with the Evergreen Line? Well here’s the scoop!

The Evergreen Line is a planned 10.9 kilometre long rapid transit line. The hope is that congestion and air quality will be improved by through the construction of this new line.

It will connect Coquitlam City Centre through Port Moody to Lougheed Town Centre in only 15 minutes. Evergreen will connect without transfer to the SkyTrain network at Lougheed Town Centre Station and will integrate with West Coast Express and regional bus networks. It should also prove to be good for the BC economy as 8,000 direct and indirect jobs will be created during construction.

According to Government of BC’s website, the provincial government is committing $583 million to funding the Evergreen Line. TransLink will contribute $400 million and the federal government will provide $417 million.

If all goes according to plan, service should begin by the end of 2015 and the line will serve 70,000 passengers per day by 2021.

We always love hearing about new transit projects and this one sounds pretty amazing! It should also sound amazing to Coquitlam residents and folks thinking about moving there. The approval of the Evergreen Line certainly has residential developers in the area excited.

Take Celadon, the new Polygon Homes project in Coquitlam, for example. The transit expansion is just one more feature that Celadon can add to their long list of why it will be such an awesome place to live. We actually covered a lot of the other features in a post last week, read all about them here!

With this new transit line and a slew of development sure to occur in Coquitlam over the next few years, it’s definitely an exciting time. As always, we’ll be following all the news coming from the west coast (best coast!) as it develops.

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