The risk of exposing oneself to online fraud isn’t discouraging consumers from getting more of their shopping done online.

A recent consumer survey found that one-third of the respondents planned on spending more money online than they would in-store this year.

The survey was conducted by ThreatMetrix (and you thought BuzzBuzzHome was a bad ass name for a company!), which provides a platform for preventing online fraud, and the Ponemon Institute, which researches security and data privacy. The survey that polled 722 active Internet users was conducted in August.

Consumers are still concerned about online fraud, but it doesn’t seem to be significantly diminishing their willingness to shop online. 72 per cent of respondents said they were “very concerned” or “concerned” about being a victim of online fraud while 84 per cent said they felt it was important for online payment services to shield them from online fraud.

And of course, like any good tech company, ThreatMetrix created a good-lookin’ infographic that effectively displays all the sweet findings of the survey. Have a look at a couple choice cuts below!

Courtesy of ThreatMetrix

Courtesy of ThreatMetrix

Interesting food for thought!

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