All Toronto residents (and admirers) can share in this boo yah!2thinknow, an Australian consulting firm, released its annual list of the most innovative cities in the world and Toronto placed tenth.We always knew we were pretty innovative, but it’s nice to have confirmation, especially when that confirmation comes from Australia.

According to a statement released along with the ranking, 2thinknow’s executive director, Christopher Hire had this to say about their methodology for determining where a city placed:

“This goes beyond technology or patents alone. 2thinknow analysts also collect data on assess transport, universities, arts, design, sustainability, economics, start-up facilities, labor as well as other factors to measure the opportunities cities offer their citizens.”

Sounds like a good idea to us. Three American cities (Boston, San Francisco Bay Area and New York) placed in the top ten while Paris was the top European city in the list.

Several other Canadian cities placed in the top 100. Montreal came in at numero 31, Vancouver at 49, Quebec City at 79 and Calgary at 81. That’s a lot of wins for Canada. Now let’s see if we can crack the top five next year.

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