This might come as a shock to you, but some say electric vehicles will take over half the road by 2030.

In fact, according to Lewis Poplak, VP of development and construction at Triangle West Development, electric vehicles may “eclipse combustion vehicles once the technology improves and becomes more affordable.”

Well that’s some electrifying news!

In a weekend story in the National Post, Poplak spoke about the integration of parking spots with electrical outlets and meters into Triangle West’s ART Condos development. Poplak anticipated that it would only be a matter of time before electric cars would be commercially available, so creating parking spots with outlets and meters and ensuring that the electrical capacity would be sufficient made sense.

Several other Toronto developments have been anticipating the advent of the commercially available electric car. Also mentioned in the Post article is Market Wharf by Context, where 20 per cent of overall parking space has been committed to electric vehicles.

According to Craig Taylor, Context’s director of design and marketing, they’re “holding back the EV outlet roughed in spaces until the end of assignment process.”

This is because there’s no way of predicting who will own an EV, a potential problem those who are trying to accommodate EVs in condos may run into. However, it shouldn’t be too difficult, as Taylor says, “if you plan up-front and provide separate meters.”   

The AvenDale by Minto is another awesome Toronto development where underground parking spots will come equipped with a rough-in for car plug-ins. Seems like more people are catching electric fever everyday (does that sound bad ass or what?)

And since we happen to think EVs are super rad, here’s a quick fact sheet about electric vehicles:

  • At half a cent per kilometre, EVs are cheaper to run than having to pay 6 cents per kilometre for gas
  • The carbon footprint is super low because an electric motor transfers up to 95 per cent of its chemical energy into torque
  • EVs can accelerate quickly too! That’s why Audi, BMW and Mercedes are introducing luxury models

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