We went camera crazy last week, taking photos at so many events that we began thinking frame-by-frame.
Early last Thursday afternoon we roadtripped out to Markham to snap some pics of the Downtown Markham retail development groundbreaking. This is a huge deal for the GTA town and it’s all part of the master planned community by the Remington Group.
We never like to miss a good sod turning so we just HAD to be there. Downtown Markham is also such a game-changing development for the town that we really couldn’t miss it.
Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti gave a rousing speech, extolling on the virtues of this massive retail and residential development and Rudolph Bratty, Chairman and CEO of The Remington Group, spoke of the project’s interesting origins.
What’s that? You wish you’d been there? Yeah, we don’t blame you, but here are some photos from the event so you can live vicariously through the BuzzBuzzHomies.

First we took a little tour of the presentation centre. The scale model of Nexus South at Downtown Markham. Suites here are priced from $200,000.
This new development at Downtown Markham is currently in preconstruction.
Inside the two bedroom model suite for Nexus South.
A little Warhol flourish goes a long way, especially in the kitchen.
Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti speaks about the importance of this master planned community to Markham’s development.
Rudolph Bratty of the Remington Group speaks about the development’s roots and how it came to be the mega-project that it is today. Once complete, 9,500 people will call Downtown Markham home.
Frank Scarpitti and the Bratty family turn the sod on the retail portion of Downtown Markham.
Everyone wanted to have a chance to turn the sod!

It was a great event to mark the advent of the retail section of Downtown Markham. Congratulations to the Remington Group, we’re really looking forward to seeing how the Downtown Markham community takes shape.

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