With fall upon us and winter around the corner, some might ask “why bother even thinking about cottages?” While you might be sad that prime cottage season is over, this is the time of year when it’s more important than ever to think about cottages.

Why you ask?

Easy! Nothing gets you through those frigid months better than mentally preparing for the perennial return of cottage season and the warm weather that goes with it.

But, of course, you need to own a cottage before you can truly experience the joy of the first cottage trip of the year. Luckily, it just so happens that Skyline‘s Deerhurst Golf Cottages are offering some pretty ideal cottage-purchasing opportunities in Muskoka.

Priced from $399,900, the Golf Cottages offer a classic cottage experience with a resort-enriched twist. With interior finishes and furnishing packages from The Design Agency, your cottage will be looking top notch and there will be plenty of opportunities to personalize your cottage to enhance the homey feel.

The Golf Cottages have just unveiled some brand new interior renderings and they’re looking pretty marvelous. See them spread throughout the story below…

The great room rendering. Buyers will be able to personalize their cottages to enhance the homey feel.

Owners at Deerhurst will have access to myriad amenities without having to fret over maintenance and repairs. Docks, tennis courts, pools, the Golf Cottages has everything you’d ever need to enjoy the great outdoors. And did we mention golf? After all, it’s not called the Golf Cottages for nothing! Whether you’re an occasional player, a seasoned vet or a first timer, the golf course will fit perfectly into your cottage experience.

The rendering of the ensuite in the master bedroom.

Now, at the beginning of our post we were feeling a bit down about the cold temperatures looming not too far in the distance. But while these temperatures will certainly impact your ability to go for a dip in the lake (unless you’re a polar bear) or play a round of golf, there’s still fun to be had at the Deerhurst Golf Cottages. How does a day of cross country skiing followed by a mug of hot chocolate sound? Pretty darn good!

The glorious master bedroom.

So click on over to the Deerhurst Golf Cottages website to register for the sales event, happening soon. There’s memories to be made in Muskoka and this is the first, essential step to ensuring that they become a reality.

For more information visit the website or email jen@owndeerhurst.com.

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