Some seriously interesting analysis came our way today from our American amigos at Trulia.

The folks at Trulia had a look at the number of female and male agents registered on their site with the hope of discovering which gender outnumbered the other in the industry, who listed more homes and who had more expensive homes.

So is the real estate industry a women’s world? Or is it more of a man jam? Well, it turns out that more women than men are in the business of buying and selling homes for a living. Trulia broke down the figures state-by-state and found that the ladies beat out the guys every time when it came to sheer numbers.

And who lists more homes for sale? This one goes to the dudes! Guys list more homes for sale, but don’t necessarily make more sales.

Okay, it’s tiebreaker time. Who lists the priciest homes in the market? Men or women? According to Trulia’s findings, female real estate pros list more expensive homes than males. Of course, this doesn’t mean that women price homes more aggressively. As any agent will tell you, pricing a home to sell requires consideration of many important factors.

So do these findings say anything interesting about differences between men and women in the real estate world? Or are they just cool stats to think about? Hopefully we can have a mature discussion about this. After all, we’re not in grade school anymore. No one is concerned about a potential cootie epidemic.

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