You may remember a rather hilarious retro post we did last week about a condo ad from the 80s that we found on YouTube.
We thought it was pretty funny, especially the antiquated phone, fashion sense and cheesy jingle. What we didn’t expect was someone behind another classic 80s condo jingle, Toronto copywriter David Mills, to contact us about it!
According to David, his condo jingle hit the marketplace around the same time as the famous Paxton Place ad.

He had his composer buddy Asher Ayliffe email us the mp3 of the awesome 80s condo jingle that he wrote lyrics for. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“We were doing some GREAT broadcast work back then too, as per the attached jingle.
The project was Market Square (at Front and Church) and the builder was Ronto. I was the writer for what was then Ayliffe and Elias, and we wrote/produced this original spot with composer Asher Ettinger of Asher Music back in 1983.

“I Want To Live” was the first radio spot I ever did where we had three dozen musicians on the studio floor at one time (back in those “pre-synthesizer” days). The band was comprised of the Boss Brass plus a string section of TSO players, and included at least half a dozen Order Of Canada recipients like Moe Koffman and Terry Clarke. Special kudos go to Jeri Craden, the vocalist, who went on to include the jingle in her regular repertoire as a nightclub singer.
Back then the THBA’s SAM awards had just instituted the “Best Radio” award and this jingle copped the trophy that year, with everyone in attendance singing along when it was played over the PA.
Our job was to create an association between the Market Square’s location and its proximity to the theatre district. Even though its Liza Minelli vibe is a little old school, I still get a shiver when I listen to it almost 30 years later!

“I Want To Live” was so popular that a sequel was produced (“Goodbye Suburban Blues”) utilizing the same singer and players.”

Thanks for contacting us David! And thank you for another dose of nostalgia. Have a listen to the mp3 below…

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