If you happen to find yourself between a rock and a hard place this weekend, why not try and take your mind of it by checking out these awesome houses!
While it looks amazing, we’re pretty sure that there’s been some foul play in this photo. We all know how convincing Photoshopped images can be and this pic wreaks of Adobe.
However, this also has us thinking that if someone can imagine something so awesome, why can’t it be built? There has to be someone out there with enough money and a real sense of adventure who would just love to live in a house made of stone perched precariously on top of a jagged, narrow rock formation. Come on! Richard Branson, we’re looking at you…
Let’s see one more crazy, surely Photoshopped rock house.

So anyone feel like building this? We can’t promise we’d live there, but we’d definitely come over for high tea!

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