It’s no secret that the BuzzBuzzHomies love infographics. We actually can’t even imagine how information was presented in an interesting way before the advent of these essential tools that are now being used by basically every newspaper, magazine, blog and website with the wherewithal to produce them.

We were thrilled today when we stumbled upon an infographic created by Mark McLean. Mark runs the Realty Lab blog and is an avid tweeter.
His infographic is a “dissection of a modern day Canadian realtor” and while we could explain what it’s all about with words, we think it’s time we let the infographic do the talking…

The education level is divvied up quite evenly and that’s interesting. It just shows that there’s no sure path to becoming a realtor, people can make it work whether they’re coming straight out of high school or fresh out of college.

Also, as an office full of younger folks, we somewhat object to the characterization of the 21-30 age bracket. Apes? Us twenty-somethings have feelings too, y’know!

Gotta love that 28.5 per cent. So versatile!

Hey Yellowknife, what’s going on? So there’s about 18,700 people living in Yellowknife and if there’s 1429 people per agent that means there’s about 13 agents up there. Wonder if they have weekly meetings…

Thanks Mark for letting us grab your graphic. Keep ’em coming!

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