No it’s not a new Budweiser (yuck) promotion, it’s a new incentive for prospective buyers to commit to that purchase.

According to an article published by Postmedia News, the sellers of homes in Calgary both listed by realtor Robyn Moser of MaxWell South Star Realty, are offering to leave $1,000 worth of beer behind for the buyers. “The homeowners are offering any purchaser who is will to purchase a home $1,000 in beer on possession day as part of the offering price of a home,” said Moser in an interview. Well, it works in getting college kids out to parties, why wouldn’t it work for home sales? 

Moser said she was inspired by a story in Chicago where a seller was offering beer with the purchase of the home, apparently showings on the property increased by 300 per cent.

We found an article in the Chicago Sun Times about a homeowner in the Windy City that is offering $1,000 worth of food and drink from a nearby restaurant as an incentive to buy her three bedroom townhouse. We’re guessing this is where Ms. Moser got the idea. It’s a slightly different offer, however, we must admit we’re big fans of both.

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