The good thing about Vancouver’s frequent bouts of rainy weather is that the city’s greenery is greener than most.

But it’s not just the plants that are green, buildings are starting to follow suit and that includes both residential and commercial real estate.

Credit Suisse, the Swiss financial services company, has proposed a super sustainable office building in downtown Vancouver that would cost about $200 million to construct.

The building is slated for completion in 2015 and planners have said it will achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum and “Living Building” certifications. It will feature on-site waste water treatment and reuse, a high efficiency heating and cooling system and solar thermal panels.

For those unfamiliar with LEED, it’s a third party certification and is internationally recognized as a benchmark for design, construction, and operation of green buildings.

Credit Suisse has purchased a building at the corner of Howe and Pender in Vancouver to construct the greenest of the green office towers.

Hold on there Vancouver, you’ve got a pretty green building on the way, but can it compete with Portland’s ultra-green Oregon Sustainability Center? Slated for construction next year, the Center would be the US’s first mixed-use office building to meet Living Building Challenge restrictions which are more strict than the Platinum LEED.

The downtown Portland office is designed to reach net-zero levels of electricity and water usage. The only potential issue is that leasing space in the building will be pricey — about 20 per cent higher than the market rate for downtown office space in Portland. Read more about it here.

Looks like the competition is on! Both cities are two of the greenest in North America, could this green building battle decide the undisputed champion of green? Probably not, but it’s still pretty cool.

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